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What is ‘Amine Blush’ & ‘Blushing/White Blooming? – Blue Gee
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What is ‘Amine Blush’ & ‘Blushing/White Blooming?
6th June 2017 TFarrugia

What is ‘Amine Blush’ & ‘Blushing/White Blooming?

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Amine Blush is simply a waxy finish which occurs during a epoxy session.

You can prevent amine blush by:

  1. Use Nylon Peel Ply at the end of each epoxy session.
  2. Use Super Epoxy – with this epoxy you do not get amine blush at the end of your epoxy session. It is also extremely clear and has a fantastic UV resistance.

To remove amine blush by:

  1. Thoroughly wash the cured Epoxy with clean warm water, all-purpose soap, and a stiff brush or Scotch-Brite™ pad.

Blushing or White Bloom is simply white patches through moisture absorption in Polyester Fibreglass Resin work sessions.

You can prevent Blushing or White Blooming by:

  1. Keep your working area warm – If you use a naked flame to heat your area remember to turn it off before applying your resin. The naked flames can produce moisture in the air, and thus contaminate the resin.
  2. Make sure you are working in a dry place – Keeping your working area dry and free from moisture is key. The moisture will get into the resin and contaminate it leaving your resin to not set.