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Everything you need to know about antifouling paint and our new guest product – ‘Peelaway® Marine’!
26th October 2018 TFarrugia

Everything you need to know about antifouling paint and our new guest product – ‘Peelaway® Marine’!

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What is anti-fouling paint?

Anti-fouling paint is a coating which is applied to the outer layer of your boat, in order to slow the growth of subaquatic organisms, and can affect the vessel’s performance and durability.

In other words, anti foul is really important!

However, antifoul is toxic to aquatic life as it contains hazardous mixtures, for example, tri-butyl tin (TBT) was one of them – it was discovered that TBT had a harmful effect, causing some shellfish to change gender. Thankfully, this material was banned in 2003.

Removing the antifoul can also be really damaging as it can get washed into the sea. Although antifoul is supposed to target the organisms that stick to your boat, they can accumulate in marine organisms, and find their way into marine wildlife which is further up the food chain, so can be pretty harmful to people who eat fish too – sorry if you’re a pescaterian!


But some good news… Boat owners can play a vital role in prevention. And what’s more, the DIY Safe Antifouling Initiative introduced by the BCF (British Coating Federation) in 2017 found that 90% of boat owners are already aware of the hazards involved in the application of fouling paint, and they know that antifoul needs to be used properly, with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). If you would like to know a little more, there’s lots of really helpful advice on the BCE website regarding antifouling. Just click here. Failing that watch this short video below:

What boat owners really need is a safe, easy and reliable way of removing hazardous antifoul that is found on their boat. And here’s where we can help!


Peelaway® Marine

Allow us to introduce you to a fantastic new guest product on our range! We’re really excited about this one – the Peelaway® Marine? is formulated to remove multiple layers of marine antifouling, paints and varnishes from GRP, wood, metal and concrete – all in one application! It is a water based, environmentally safer system, which contains the removed antifoul with no dangerous fumes or toxic particles. Safer for you and for the planet! And don’t worry, it does all of this without damaging your gel coat.

Peelaway® Marine in 3 simple steps:


Test Patch Areas It is often impossible to know the type and build depth of anti-fouling before coatings are removed. It is essential to apply a test patch to an area typical of the surface to be stripped to ensure the results will be satisfactory. This will also indicate the dwell time required and thickness of paste to be applied.



Application Apply evenly with Airless spray, brush or trowel working into crevices, including on wooden hulls where planks overlap. Ensure raised edges and corners are covered well. Then apply a second coat to the final tested thickness. Finally, lay on the poultice with printing facing outwards, gently rubbing to exclude trapped air bubbles. Work in manageable areas which can be removed within the time scale indicated by the test patch. Peelaway® Marine should not be left on longer than 48 hours when used on GRP/Gel coat substrates.



Removal Slide scraper into paste and paint, keeping the paint, paste and cover together as much as possible. Take care not to gouge/scratch the gel coat. Steam cleaning or pressure washing may aid removal of residues. Once all the old anti-fouling paint has been removed, any remaining residues of Peelaway® Marine must be cleaned/washed away. Allow the cleaned surface to dry thoroughly before re-coating.


Watch the below video and see for yourself, we think that the way Peelaway® Marine works is really going to revolutionise the safe removal of antifoul paint and get more boat owners of the road to safer oceans for all.



If you have any more questions about antifoul, please contact us! Call 01202 676 612, or click here – our friendly and knowledgeable Team will be happy to help!