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Super Epoxy Kit – Medium

Super Epoxy Kit – Medium


This is a modern very high quality general purpose 2:1 mix ratio system. Popular and established over many years. Provides a clear finish and reduced chance of amine blush. Use for laminating, bonding, coating. Solvent free and easy to use. Extremely Strong.

Kit Includes:
Super Epoxy Resin 320ml
Super Epoxy Hardener 160ml
1 x Mixing Stick
2 x 30ml Mixing Pot

*Pumps are no longer in the kit.

Guideline Ambient Working Conditions are between 15-25 degrees Celsius with up to 68% humidity. Please note: if working conditions are outside these parameters, curing and workable times may vary from the times given.

Working Time with Mixed Resin
100ML = 35 minutes at 17 degrees Celsius

Wet Out Guidelines
250 grams of mixed Super Epoxy = approximate wet out 1 m2 of 200 gram Woven Glass Fabric.

Ambient Cure Time
8-12 hours before over laminating
24 hours before sanding/coating

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